13 – Check and simulate

Now we’re moving over to the Reconfigure.io tooling we need to create a project for this example, let’s call it multiplyArray:

reco project create multiplyArray
reco project set multiplyArray

You can now type-check your code for compatibility with our compiler. From the multiply-array directory enter reco check, and hopefully you’ll see:

$ reco check
GOPATH/src/github.com/<your-github-username>/tutorials/multiply1/main.go checked successfully

Once you’ve addressed any errors here you can simulate how your code will run on an FPGA:

$ reco sim run test-multiply-array
The result from the FPGA is: 024681012141618

Once the simulation is complete, you should see the contents of the result array. Once you’re done, you can compare your code with ours, which you’ll find here: tutorials/multiply-array/.