Tutorial – Setup and workflow

This tutorial is a simple introduction to the Reconfigure.io workflow. We will use our parallelized histogram example, in which a block of memory is filled with sample data before an FPGA is put to work classifying the samples into bins. The contents of each bin is then read out, providing the data required to draw a histogram. It’s all pretty straightforward so in a few minutes you will have done a hardware simulation of a project running on an FPGA, and then deployed a build image of that project to an FPGA in the cloud. If you would rather watch a video runthrough of the main points in this tutorial, you can do so here.

What we will do

  • Clone our examples repo
  • Check your Go environment is all set up and test our histogram example using go test
  • Run through our tooling workflow using reco to check, simulate and deploy a build image to a cloud FPGA
  • Step through the code to see how it is structured

From here, we’re assuming you’ve already set up your account and installed and authenticated reco – if you don’t have an account yet, please visit our website.