Go Packages

We support the use of vendor packages in your Reconfigure.io projects. Below is a list of our packages, which have all been optimized to work well on FPGAs.

You will need to use Go’s vendor mechanism and you can use your favorite Go dependency manager to add a Package and use it in your programs. We recommend glide. You can follow their installation instructions and then run the following command to initialize your workspace:

glide create

Then, to vendor a package, run the following:

glide get github.com/<package>

Here’s a list of our open source packages:

SDAccel from Go

A library for interacting with SDAccel from Go:

glide get https://github.com/ReconfigureIO/sdaccel


A fixed-point arithmetic library optimized for FPGA targets:

glide get https://github.com/ReconfigureIO/fixed


A library of cryptography algorithms designed to be run on FPGAs:

glide get https://github.com/ReconfigureIO/crypto